Private Vs Public Kindergarten

Your child’s education is a very important matter, and like all parents you want what is best for them.

One of the first decisions you make about their education is kindergarten, being that this is their first step in school, you want it to be the best experience possible for them. And like a lot of parents, you may be wondering whether to send your children to either private or public kindergarten. Where your child starts their education is a important decision, one that takes extensive research, here some things to consider when looking into the benefits and drawbacks of both private, and public kindergartens.

One first step may be to simply ask around, do you know other families that have children in kindergarten already, and what where their experiences with that school? See if local kindergartens have a reputation in town, either for being highly recommended, or perhaps for not being a very good school. Next look into the logistics of some of the local private and public kindergartens. For instance, how qualified are the teachers? What does each schools curriculum consist of? What subjects and activities are encouraged? What are each schools rules and guidelines, for things such as disciplinary actions, school closures, emergency procedures and other important policies that you will want to be aware of. What are each schools philosophies with styles of teaching, and student learning? And are these philosophies in line with your 土瓜灣低班 own values? What type of nutritional options are offered for snacks, and lunch?

Be it private or public, every school will have its own standards, practices and guidelines, which is why it is good to inquire about the previously mentioned topics with the specific schools you are considering. However, here are some additional general considerations to take in terms of typical private, and public kindergartens specifically. Private school can be very expensive, even at kindergarten level, and tends to be a formal setting. Private kindergarten usually have smaller classroom sizes, meaning the children are more likely of getting one-on-one help from the teacher, which may or may not be a concern in a public kindergarten, depending on the teacher to child ratio. Public schools usually have more of a variety of activities available because of having more students, (a smaller school would not have enough participants). Public school will have more diversity in the students, which gives your child exposure to people from all walks of life, which is beneficial to have friends from different backgrounds. These are of course only a few broad examples of both private and public kindergartens, most of all you need to be a good example to your child, and do your homework on your local schools!

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