Does Condom Size Matter?

Many people dislike protected sex but circumstances sometimes call for condom use. It limits the sexual sensations but it also causes discomfort if its too tight on the manhood. The right condom size makes any sexual experience pleasurable. There should be a variety of condom sizes as there are many penis sizes. Condom experts agree that size matters a lot. The condom industry has all along been assuming that one size fits all men. Updated standards are recommended to allow broader variation in condom size. Custom-fit condoms should be manufactured. If given a choice many well-endowed men would prefer condoms which are smaller than the standard minimum size. The specifications collected by leading manufacturers clearly indicated that many men suffer in silence.

Standards are very crucial since slight failure could lead to drastic spread of diseases and many unwanted pregnancies. Inferior condoms should be completely done away with considering the large number of condoms manufactured annually. A slight mistake can lead to irreversible effects. The right condom size should constitute good quality condoms. Condoms break not because of men’s big penises but because of limitation in size. The correct standard for testing the strength of a condom is by filling in air. Varying condom sizes would require a different technique of testing the length as well as the strength. The length issue can be dealt with by using female synthetic condoms which are more length-friendly. They are becoming so popular in 潤滑劑 Africa where they are distributed for free to enable women to take better control of their sexual health.

There are some people who are allergic to latex condom and might blame their discomfort on condom size. To avoid any irritation of the skin, synthetic polyurethane condoms are a good alternative. Their ability to conduct heat for better sensitivity during sex is superb. The protection method should be made more enticing by adding texture on the condom to enhance pleasure. To increase the variety of condoms the innovation for male condoms is concentrating on producing different colors with different flavored lubricants. Some of them even feature a desensitizing cream inside the condom to help arrest premature ejaculation. Men with premature ejaculation problems should invest in such condoms to make lasting impressions.

When we talk of condom size we refer to both width and length. The length is usually standard but the width is known to vary. It is perceived that latex material used to manufacture condoms can stretch to fit any man but how true is this? Many people throw the care to the wind and engage in unprotected sex since the rubbers do not fit. A more comfortable condom will encourage men to use it. Experts say that average size of an adult penis is about five to six inches long.
Typically, men are ignored when they complain that the condoms are not fitting them. We assume that they suggest that they are too small and that they are out to brag about their big manhood. It is interesting to note that there are men who have the problem of condoms being too large. The condom industry should be transformed to cater for all sizes of men.

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