A Degree Does Make You More Employable

I am sick of reading all the criticism in the press directed towards UK universities. Students paying upwards of £3000 a year are constantly reading news stories that denounce their degrees as worthless pieces of paper that anyone could attain with the minimum amount of work. This is just not true. There are hardly any students that find their university degrees easy to pass and getting a good final grade requires a huge amount of work. Of course it is true that some degrees are harder than others but that is usually because they are directed at different areas in the world of work.

An events management degree could be criticised as not being as hard as a degree in science and mathematics. This is an obvious observation and these types of courses are aimed at a range of students with different interests and abilities. It should be no reason to write a newspaper article.

Students who take events management and students who take science and mathematics would presumably be heading for extremely different areas in the world of work. It is no reason to stop students who want a career in events management from learning more about the careers in which they are interested, especially if they are going to pay for it. https://lambangdaihocuytin.com.vn/

There are not many employers who would prefer to take on a prospective employee who did not have a degree over another who did. You can argue that personality, work experience and life experience are also factors yet it is perfectly possible for both candidates to have plenty of all three. The defining quality may only rest on what the papers are calling ‘just a bit of worthless paper’.

Could it be that dusty old journalists have become jealous after their weary climb to the top? Resentful that their years spent pouring cups of tea and sucking up to management will be superseded by bright young things who not only know about politics but can upload their own stories onto the newspaper website. I am sure that old hands everywhere are thinking of signing onto technology and computer courses that will boost their chances amongst the newly qualified and computer savvy.

One of the reasons why online degrees are becoming so popular is because of the threat that younger graduates may prove to be better employees. In today’s financial climate employees know that they must make themselves as valuable as possible to employers. With an increasing amount of redundancies the amount of jobs that will supply the graduate market are dwindling. This is going to make it extremely competitive between graduates and current employees who are all fighting to make their living, which makes it easier for prospective employers to set higher standards when recruiting staff.

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