Christian Sex Toy – Let’s Have Some Christian Fun

One surefire way to bring a surprising charge into a Christian marriage is with a Christian Sex Toy. There are many healthy, religiously safe ways to bring in sexy, fun, exciting and erotic tools to the table when it comes to sex within a Christian relationship. Lotions, spicy foods, and a christian sex toy can make one unforgettably fun and sensual Christian experience.

First, the no-no’s. I am aware that there are some manufacturers out there who have been marketing a 動漫飛機杯 specific brand of Christian intimacy toy which emulates that of the cross. In some instances it is a cross which hs Jesus on it. Don’t be fooled by this marketing ploy which describes this object as a Christian sex toy. Despite the construct, design, and lubricating ability, this is not, I repeat NOT, a sanctioned Christian intimacy aid in which married couples should possess let alone use.

Now, the goods! Well what kind of toy could i possibly have and use that both reflects my spiritual nature yet celebrates my love making within a strong Christian relationship? A challenging questioning right? Well I introduce the Christian tickler pleasure pillow. It is essentially a small satin pillow with feathers all around that can fit in the palm of your hand. The inside is stuffed with a very lightweight soft cotton. There may be variations of these available somewhere in stores, but I have found making these with your wife can be a fun, exciting and pleasurable experience. (She does most of the sewing and knows just how to get the feathers to stay!)

After our small tickler pillow is constructed we then bless the satin sheet which covers it, say a small prayer on how this object which we both created from our love, will serve as a symbol of for that love and our devotion to one another and celebration of one another through the Christian religion. What we have created essentially is really the ideal intimate toy because we have given it so much meaning, love, and celebratory Christian flavor that it can now serve as a tool to greatly enhance our sex lives.

Our intimacy aid is only one example and though we find it the easiest, funnest, and most pleasurable to use, other Christian couples may have preference for a intimacy aid of their own making. The key is to add blessing and prayer to whatever pleasuring toy you do come up with. But do feel free to construct a Christian tickler pleasure pillow of your own, adding of course your own prayer and celebratory Christian love!

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