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Wedding rings and engagement rings are symbols of unit. Wedding rings and engagement rings are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that the left hand had a special vein, “the vein of love”, that ran directly to the wearers heart. Wedding rings are now more than just a piece of jewelry. Wedding rings symbolize circles of perfection, unity with no beginning and no end. There is perhaps no greater symbol and expression of love, than with the perfect set of his and her wedding rings.

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Gold is still the precious metal of choice for most people and lends itself well to the making of fine jewelery rings . Wedding ring styles have changed and a plain gold band is not to everyones taste. More modern styles are available in a range of different metals as well as beautiful chunky Celtic gold wedding rings. You can even have a combination with a gold inlaid titanium for beauty, strength and style. Celtic style rings are still popular as traditional engagement and wedding rings and are available in 9ct or 18ct yellow or white gold as well as the increasingly popular titanium and precious metal platinum.

Diamonds have always been a girls best friend and are still the most favored precious stone for an engagement ring. Diamonds really are forever and very desirable objects. Learn everything you need to know about diamonds before you make this important purchase. Other more recent traditions, encouraged by the jewelry trade, seek to expand the idea of a series of ring-gifts with the promise ring, often given when serious courting begins, and the eternity ring, which symbolizes the renewal or ongoing nature of a lasting marriage, sometimes given after the birth of a first child; and a trilogy ring, usually displaying three brilliant-cut round diamonds each, in turn, representing the past, present and future of a relationship.

Titanium and zirconium rings have grown in popularity not only because of their hard wearing and hypoallergenic properties but more importantly because the metals can be fashioned into such attractive jewelery. Titanium wedding rings are perfect for combining a classic style with a funky, modern material, whereas gold wedding rings are the traditional choice. Titanium is many times more durable and stronger than most precious metals, which makes it ideal for wedding and engagement rings. You can even have a combination with a gold inlaid titanium for beauty, strength and style.

Platinum as a metal is costlier even than gold, but to obtain the same platinum silvery effect, many couples prefer white gold rings at a fraction of the cost. Both 18k gold and platinum rings will last a lifetime. He can select a ring thickness, choose between platinum or 18k gold, and choose a ring set with diamonds or one with a unique design. She can choose a princess cut diamond inset in a platinum band to make the perfect couples ring.

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