Discover New Strategies to Blog Marketing

No matter what you are selling whether it is a brand new product or an excellent service, blogs can be one of the most important parts of your marketing. Word spreads and people make purchases based off of other’s words. Here are a few way s to make your blog stronger and more noticeable.

Try to humanize your blog. People can get caught up with business blogging and not connect with their target audience. Try to steer clear of jargon words that would confuse readers and if you do use them define them . Connecting with buyers is just as important as branding. You can use blogs as a way to build personal relationships with future customers and employees. A way to do this is by creating entertainment on your blog. For example have a funny page filled with some jokes regarding the industry. It will help in your presentation to the customer by presenting yourself as not just a business but a friend who shares the same ideals and attitudes as they do.

You can also use blogs to see how the public perceives your company by setting up tracking devices like Google News Alerts, Technorati, and PubSub. You need to be kept informed on topics relevant to your blog that are drifting through the blogosphere. This way you can write about them before they become major issues turning you and your blog into to innovators. You can use tools like Intelliseek’s BlogPulse or hire a company to analyze comments and links that determine the relative importance of audience perceptions. This analysis will help decide who the influencers are and how high their connectivity level is.

Lucrative is a subjective concept. Some people are happy with small income while others tempt for more. Well, it is always good to expect for more and this is how you will achieve success. Now, how to find out lucrative blog topic is the question? Well, for this first you will have to take up some research work at various sites or search engines. Get into the forums and news sections to find out the current hot topics. And you will find that there are hundreds of topics. Well, but but….wait! Now, the most important stage is going to come and that is making a choice.

Before answering the above question I would like to ask another question first. What do you think is more important. Being a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in the small pond. I think, both the situation have their own advantages and drawbacks. But the later one can be a better situation making things in your favor. My point is that rather than being the part of a bandwagon and selecting a topic which thousands have wrote and thousands are going to write, select a different and niche topic which has not been explored much. This will make you a master of that topic. And people will come to that niche blog to seek your expertise. And this way you can increase your web traffic

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