Is the News Too Depressing These Days?

Many folks have noted that depression is on the rise these days. When asked why they day that everything is so depressing. Like what we ask and the go on to say; work, school and all the news. Ah ha! Is the news making people depressed and so they take that depression with them to work and school too? Some believe so.

I tend to agree that the mass media hysteria and fear that is promoted to keep ratings high and is purported by both political parties. Even the independent party is damaging to the minds of the masses, the minds, which have already been surrendered to the TV.

If one is depressed, then get un-depressed, go find a hobby you like or enjoy or something you excel at. It is amazing the level of depression and it is evident online, by the personal attacks people engage in, as they vent some other problem they have . We see it in online forums, blogs, just about everywhere.

Generally though it is readily apparent to me anyway that liberalism and political correctness is much of the problem and we need to get rid of the root cause and build strength of character back into the individual, not take it away and replace it with anti-depression drugs.

America was not built on weakness and Americans are not genetically adapted for weakness. Indeed, it is a little depressing to watch our population tormented in this way. We need to put a stop to depression and save the mental health of America.

These are questions I am frequently asked: what is RSS and what is the difference between RSS and a blog. The answer is not as easy as you might think, but there is a fundamental difference.

RSS stands for a number of different things, depending on what you read, but the popular version is “Really Simple Syndication”. It is actually short for ‘Rich Site Summary’ and is an XML format used to share content such as items of news between different web sites. It allows you to provide fresh ever-changing content on your website that refreshes itself even while you sleep.

The word ‘syndication’ with reference to websites refers to the publication of an item to many other sites at the same time, which is probably where the popular version of the term arose. Using RSS, a website can let other web sites publish permitted content by posting a link to an RSS feed that the content they distribute can be read by other users using an RSS reader. So what’s the difference between RSS and a blog?

In fact originally, RSS feeds came from blogs, and still accompany them in many instances. However, they are merely extensions of blogs, but are a different medium altogether. If you consider a blog, it is a single web page that is a log of a website, in the same way that captain of a ship maintains a log of the goings on in the ship and its course on a daily basis.

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