4 Simple Steps To A Network Marketing Blog

Your home business blog is your very own internet recruiting machine. But why set up one? Here is a rundown of some reasons why you need a MLM blog: automated lead generation, your very own long-term asset, branding yourself, massive leverage and automation, attracting high quality prospects, connecting with prospects and having a constructive dialogue; this is good for 3rd party validation.

Additionally, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and Twitter capture over 70% of all daily internet traffic. A MLM will allow you be found on the internet by a lot of that traffic.

In 4 simple stages, you can have your very own MLM blog. Though there are numerous other options available for setting up your blog, what most of these platforms have in common is this: whenever you set up your MLM blog on any of these platforms, that blog you set up does not belong to you anymore GoDaddy email login .. Though you create the blog, the particular system can remove it whether you object to it or not.

In effect, you have absolutely no control. Should the platform go down for any reason, your MLM blog goes down as well. When you optimize your blog, so you rank well on Google, Yahoo and the other search engines, that ranking ultimately helps the particular platform you choose, and not your blog.

Have you ever wondered what the best ways are to get a high-traffic domain. It’s not quite as costly or as difficult as you may think. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Get a GoDaddy account. The domains you can get from GoDaddy are inexpensive, yet you can get some really interesting and exciting names. I have owned the domains getzooks.me and iamthegenie.com in the past. These were for Getzooks and My Shopping Genie. Both these domains allowed me to get some reasonable traffic, but more than that – they were interesting ones that people were able to get to easily and people found them easy to remember.

2. Have you ever wondered how many people get a domain name wrong. Think about names like Tahoo or Yshoo or some other deritive of Yahoo. Or, Google could be Hoogle, Goojle or something else like that. You really need to use your imagination here, but there’s top dollar to be had from typing errors.

Then, go back to GoDaddy and attempt to enter one of these names you have found. The system will give you similar domains if the one you have is taken. So, if.com is taken, you may be able to have.net or.org.uk (if you’re British).

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