Nintendo Ds – The Impeccable Gaming Console

The advanced gaming consoles attract not only the children but also the grown ups. As these electronic games come to the gamers with both the audio and video features they enthrall the gamers throughout the gaming process. The graphics and the animations are really very enticing. They keep the gamers gripped throughout the gaming process. Another interesting feature of these electronic consoles enable them to get easily connected to other compatible devices. These electronic games have become the primary source of entertainment nowadays as they come with various attractive game features.

These gaming devices have seriously revolutionized the portable gaming process F95zone . Enhanced with touch screen display, 3D graphics and wireless communication feature, these electronic games would enable you to challenge your contenders. Equipped with the multi features, these games are designed to satisfy the gamers of every genre. You can easily test your skills and strategies against other contenders residing on other part of the world very comfortably.

The Nintendo DS is a very light weight gaming console that weighs around 275 GMS and comes with a dimension of 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm. This exquisite gadget comes equipped with two separate TFT LCD displays and bears the capability to display the games at a resolution of 256 x 192 pixels. To operate this electronic gaming console the required voltage is about 1.65 volts. Further it comes in built with 256KB of serial flash memory.

The impeccable battery performance of this gaming gadget ensures that the gamers enjoy awesome and thrilling games for hours without any interruption. The Nintendo DS comes with the highly efficient and durable Lithium -Ion battery which can be charged over and over again. After a full charge of about four hours the gaming console can be used for nearly 10 hours. This may be affected by the various factors like Lighting intensity, dual screen usage and speaker volume. The sensible use of back lighting and other facilities can enhance the battery performance.

The Nintendo features an innovative facility for chatting with different users. The PictoChat facility allows the various Nintendo gamers to chat and interact with various users within their local wireless range. The text messages can be scripted with the help of screen keyboard. Pictures can also be drawn with the help of the stylus on the touch screen interface. There is provision for four chat rooms namely A, B, C, D through which the users can connect and chat with other gamers. Sixteen users can chat in the same room at a time.

The Nintedo’s efficient firmware offers some highly usable features like alarm clock etc. The users can store important information like names, favorite colours, important dates, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

The video game consoles are those electronic gaming devices that come incorporated with advanced hardware and software. These gadgets come to the gamers with various other striking features like DVD movie playback applications and online connectivity features. However these electronic games are very interactive in nature as they enable the users to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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