Planting Seeds for a Growing Income

Who do you think will reap the greater harvest, a grower who casts a handful of unknown quality seed into a brier patch with the intent on returning in a month or so to collect his crop, or one who clears, plows and cultivates the ground before he plants premium seed that he tenderly cares for until it bears fruit?

I know the answer should be obvious, but in my online adventure I see both sides of the same analogy being played out every day. So many folks think all you need to do is throw up enough bare referral links or promote a canned website and your business will build itself, right?

How much better would it be to find contacts that have a sincere interest in what you are doing that you could bring along step-by-step until they become valued associates instead of just do-nothing raw recruits that never do achieve any significant level of success.

Many Internet users have dreams of turning their activity here into extra streams of income, but for most of us to bring this vision into focus requires the cooperation of others who share that goal f95zone . Using various online programs that reward you for recruiting is a common path anyone with nothing more than a strong desire can travel successfully.

In my experience, the easiest way to proceed is to start with your own website that details your plan in easy to follow steps visitors can read and understand. If they can see themselves in the picture, it makes it a lot easier to take that first step godaddy email . I prefer to keep the cost of entry at the lowest possible threshold, or even free to start.

As you describe the journey in vivid emotion building images, be cautious not to step over the line and resort to hype, so they can feel excited enough to take action without being driven away in disbelief. Make it easy and logical in order to gain their trust, then you can let the excitement build as they see how well it works naturally.

Very little knowledge is required to own and maintain your own website in today’s Internet circles. At the time I wrote this article GoDaddy had a sale on .info domain names for only 99 cents the first year. Then by following the clear instructions you can use ‘masking’ to forward this to a free hosting account to keep your cost down and your visitors will not even know it. A quick visit to your favorite search engine will produce a long list of free accounts that are currently available.

In order to continue building your image, use the free email account GoDaddy provides as your primary address that shows your domain. Pick up a few free email accounts with Gmail if you plan to sign up with resources that may produce a full inbox to preserve your main address for serious business and personal contacts.

The fastest way I know of to bring more visitors is to push your domain higher in the search engine results so real people can easily find you. Participate in a few related online discussion forums and make your domain name and the username you chose the same. Then using it as the ‘link text’ for your signature line will give you inbound links of high value to feed the robots and boost your own recognition value higher. Do a quick search for ‘oldbuddy’ and see what I mean.

Your domain name is registered somewhere out in cyberspace through an authorized domain name registrar. Do you know which one? Do you know who is listed as the registrant/owner of your domain names?

A domain name registrar is the organization or company responsible for providing domain name registration services to the public. A domain name registrar is either authorized by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an organization dedicated to Internet governance) to provide registration services or is authorized by its respective government to register domain names within a specific ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain name extension). A registrar must also be authorized by the registry of a Top Level Domain to act as an agent of the registry to process domain name registrations, where the agent is not a reseller. The registrar is also responsible for creating and maintaining a WHOIS database for its customers. The number of registrars has exploded in recent years, with some being more reputable than others. Examples of domain registrars include GoDaddy, Network Solutions,

Your web site will be your window to the world. Even if you are not selling any product online still you need your customers to access you 24 hours a day 365 days in a year and you can pass important information to them by hosting frequently asked pages, product descriptions, product improvements etc. Your web site will be your office or interface to the world even when you are away in weekends, sleeping at nights or in an important assignment for your next business expansion. Then how to go about it? We will discuss some basic points here.

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