Shopping For Sleep? Miracle Pill May Provide the Solution

A miracle pill may be on the horizon to help sleep apnea victims. The pill could offer the solution to a good night’s rest for both the sleep apnea patient and their sleep deprived partners. If this pill proves to be as successful in future studies as it has been in a recent six-month study it will become the “holy grail of snoring therapy.”

According to Pat Hagan, writing in MailOnline, “the once-a-day pill slashed snoring rates by almost 70 per cent in a small U.S. trial.” Approximately three million people are affected by sleep apnea in Britain a course in miracles . The U.S. has approximately thirty million victims. During an Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) episode the throat actually closes and air passage to the lungs is blocked. These episodes can last anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes. The victim’s life is saved by waking up. The brain, realizing that breathing has stopped, sends a signal for airway muscles to contract again, opening the airway and waking the victim “with a jolt and a snore.” This death defying cycle can occur hundreds of times a night.

The result of these frequent interruptions of sleep for both the victim and his partner is severe sleep deprivation a course in miracles workbook lessons . The usual symptoms then appear during the day: tired and exhausted feelings, confusion, depression and irritability, reduced sex drive, heartburn, headaches, high blood pressure, and possibly heart problems. The consequences of these symptoms can result in heart attack, stroke, or fatal accident

I am not engaging in theoretical hypothetical speculation here. I am expressing ancient timeless concepts of truth that stand the test of time. They are universal, impersonal and they work for anyone who believes in and invokes them. To illustrate what I am endeavoring to convey here I would like to share some recent experiences. I am a professional psychic, spiritual advisor, motivational counselor, life coach, poet, author and singer by profession. One of the things I enjoy about doing so many different things is that I am hired to work as a psychic reader at parties for all occasions. There I can offer spiritual counseling and advice, psychic impressions and entertainment all in one.

In mid September I received an email from one of my clients that said, “Michael, I met you at a psychic party a few years ago. I had my first reading and I was surprised at how emotional it was for me. I’d like to have you over for a party in mid October. There will be at least ten of us, maybe more.” I booked the party and we were set to go. As the days passed, this little gnawing feeling came upon me that something wasn’t quite right. I could not pinpoint it but something was up. On Friday the day before the party I received an email from my client. “Michael, my list is dwindling. People have been canceling. We are down to four definites and maybe two more. One may bring a friend so at best I’ll have seven. At worst four. If you don’t think that will be worth your time, please let me know. I’ll understand and we can cancel.”

Well that email confirmed the nagging feeling I had been having. My first reaction was a ‘negative one.’ “Of course that is not enough people to make the trip worthwhile,” I said out loud as though talking to Cindy in person. I felt anger surging through me and I wondered why I had not insisted on the deposit I usually get to hold the space for parties. I also usually stick to my policy of a minimum of ten people. I could feel a big tug and knot forming in my solar plexus as my mood continued to dampen and my spirits drop. I began to sink lower until I could feel a depression coming over me. Depression was followed by self-pity and more anger. I continued to rant and rave. “I was counting on that $400.00 from that party to make my car payment which is due in a couple of weeks. Darn it.”

Then out of the blue I heard this little voice in my head say. “This does not have to be a negative experience.” Easy for you to say I almost blurted out, but the words just would not come out. Then it was like a big light bulb lit up in my head. I felt guilty for being so negative as it’s not ordinarily my nature to get so emotional, upset and negative so easily and quickly. I thought some more and then said, “I am not going to let one little situation depress and drag me down. So what if nobody shows up and the party cancels. It’s not the end of the world. There is plenty more where that came from. I can choose not to get caught up in the negativity. “Yes, I choose not to get caught up in the negative,” I said several times.

Next I started imagining money coming from other sources and directions to reinforce my saying that there is more where that comes from. I visualized dollar bills all over the place. The energy began to shift. My mood lightened. Then I knew that I would go on with the party. I would do readings for whoever was there and be grateful for the business and the lives that I would touch. I felt much better and I was even happier that I had chosen to shift my thinking and feelings to a positive one. Then I received a hunch that I would have closer to ten people than four. I even sent my client good thoughts and in the email I said, “Cindy, I am looking forward to the party. I will be there no matter how many show up.” I also imagined her making a few more phone calls. Eight people showed up at the party. I earned enough to make my car payment with some money left. My heart rejoiced and I thanked my guides for the prosperity and abundance.

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