Exam Light Types

Specialized exam lights are a necessary compliment to any exam room. With a focus on visually assessing the human body, proper lighting is essential CCNA certification. This is not only true for routine exams, but for specialty needs such as gynecological, emergency and eye exams.

Depending on the practice, a full complement of specialty lighting is essential. Prior to investing in exam fixtures, the office natural and fluorescent lighting should be evaluated.Are there natural lighting options like windows, skylights and ambient light?

Are the fluorescent or incandescent units warm? Do you have proper color balanced bulbs? (Some lighting can be rather dull and depressing, so investing in warm, natural office lighting is important)Once your general lighting is established, exam lighting for your core practice should be inventoried and evaluated.There are two basic categories of exam lighting:

Surgical exam lights: These are mainly used during time of any surgery, delivery of baby etc. They are stronger and bigger in nature in comparison to medical exam lights. Most exam lights are fixed at a single location. They are not movable from room to room.

Medical exam lights: These are used for specific medical checkups such as an eye exam. Many ophthalmologists and dentists use these lights with slit lamps to allow a narrow beam into the area without reflecting elsewhere on the patient.

The correct examination light should be chosen for the type of workplace. Examination room lights are delicately crafted and examination rooms are devoted for repetitive use. Nearly all the patient examination room lights are movable and can turn around wherever it’s required. With this flexibility, there is no need to move the patient. It is almost always easier to move the exam light to the desired direction. This flexibility in terms of movement also depends on where this examination light is located or placed.

Some lights are more flexible than others, depending on if they are fixed on a wall or ceiling. Exam lights placed or fixed to certain area are not as portable but with proper use, the efficiency and effectiveness is unchanged. When considering mobile exam lights, consider investing in one with wheels, as they can be moved from room to room.

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