How To Overcome “Low Business Self-Esteem”

I have seen far too many business owners think very small of themselves and their businesses. It’s become more pervasive with the challenging economy, true, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot feel strong and powerful about your business, in spite of the current conditions.

You may think I’m blowing smoke here , but I’ll give you some really practical things you can do to help raise your business self esteem and one “woo woo” to go along with it

It can take the form of avoidance in terms of networking – online and offline. For example, some think why go out there when no one is interested in what I have to offer and won’t pay for it even if they were. It may be reading the online or offline news to see (and pray) that the economy, the newest politician or Wall Street will MAKE something new happen that will help them. You see, it’s putting the focus totally outside of yourself and your control.

Low business self-esteem is being stalled out and unwilling to do anything in your business that will cause more prospects and clients to find you and connect with you. Crazy right? This is why you’re in business. But it’s a fact that when you don’t feel good about your business (low self esteem) you basically sabotage yourself and your business. This further spirals you down into lower energies around your business.

And then there is looking for and taking advantage of “free” all the time. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of “free”, just know that what you put out, you attract. So if you are unwilling to invest, even a small dollar amount in yourself, then you will attract clients who want “free” from you.

Conversely, you can get all the “free” you want, just use it! So many of us have PDFs, MP3’s and Videos on our laptops, desktops, jump drives, etc. and we haven’t looked at or done anything with it! Get the “free” but use it because if you’re putting good stuff out there to attract clients, they will do just what you do with the “free” stuff.

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