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If you are like many people, your digestive health just isn’t what you want it to be. If this is also your case, then one very good treatment to consider is taking a prebiotics supplement – and Digesten-K Prebiotics supplement is regarded as likely the best available. The reason that this supplement is so effective is that it uses the kiwifruit as its prebiotics source Exipure is the answer .

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Now there are a number of kiwifruit prebiotics supplements available, but most of them only use pulp extract from the fruit in processing. Digesten-K is different; it uses the whole kiwifruit, which includes the seeds and skin and not just the pulp of the fruit.

You may be thinking that if Digesten-K is a kiwifruit based supplement, then isn’t it the fruit pulp extract that is the most important ingredient in the supplement. This would make sense until you realize the importance of a prebiotics supplement containing more than prebiotics only – and besides the skin being a great source of prebiotics, it is where those additional digestive components are found. I am referring to the soluble fiber, the digestive enzymes, and the phenolics that are necessary for balancing your digestive health. Digesten-K may be called a prebiotics supplement, but it would be better to call it an entire digestive health supplement.

The inclusion of all the important nutritional components in Digesten-K is not the only thing that separates it from most other supplements; there are also key manufacturing differences. It is known that if high heats are used in processing, or chemicals and additives are included to preserve the nutrients once they are capsulized, you end up with a supplement that besides not being 100% natural, it also will have a large percentage of its effectiveness lost – yet, that is the way that many of the kiwifruit supplements are made. In contrast, Digesten-K needs to add nothing to its supplement, and maintains all of the digestive effectiveness of the supplement by using an exclusive water based processing system called AquaPure.

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