Advanced Article Marketing Campaign Layed Out Step BY Step For Beginners

As with everything in life, it is always nice to have a step by step plan that you can follow to accomplish a specific goal. However, rarely such a plan is available. This article will lay out my personal article marketing campaign in a step by step process that ANYBODY can follow. Whether you’re an advanced online marketer or a novice, this direct step by step guide will be beneficial to your online marketing campaign.

Let’s assume you already have a website for the product or service you wish to sell, and now you need some good quality traffic to your website. Sure you can always BUY traffic from paid ads services. However, for individuals and small businesses with limited budgets, paid ads can be a nightmare. There is a lot of trial and error involved to figure out what works for your product or service, which will cost you money every step of the way. This is the reason I personally choose to use article marketing as my main source of online marketing. There is also trial and error involved in article marketing, but the difference is article marketing is free if you write your own articles. Even if you have someone write the articles for you, the cost is very minimal. Also, as long as you create unique and relevant articles, they can ONLY benefit your website. This will help you develop higher search engine rankings and even more FREE targeted traffic! The trial and error ONLY comes into play when choosing the subjects for your articles since some articles will be MORE beneficial to your bottom line than others. Choosing which article directories to submit your articles to will also require some trial and error. This is because each article directory you submit to, generally takes the same 5-10 minutes to submit the article. But remember, being published in certain article directories will be more beneficial in the form of direct traffic and increased search engine rankings than others. There is also the obvious explanation as to why article marketing is better then paid advertisements. A successful article marketing campaign will ALWAYS produce better and much longer lasting results than investing your time and money into paid ads making companies like Google, yahoo etc. rich while you do all the work!

If you’re still reading this, I’m sure you’ll agree that article marketing is a better way to advertise your website than using paid ads or even a mix of different online marketing methods (or you’re simply sick of wasting your money on unsuccessful marketing campaigns) so lets get down to it. Here are 4 simple steps you can take to begin a successful article marketing campaign for your website:

1. Create 3 unique articles for your website relevant to the products or services your website is offering. The articles do NOT have to be written by a professional writer, just make sure the information provided is fact based and written in your own words. Also make sure the article is 100% proper spelling and grammar. The articles should be at least 400 words and not any longer than 600 words. If you have a subject that requires more than 600 words, it would be MORE beneficial to your marketing campaign to break longer articles into two parts. Since each article will still be over 400 words, you can submit both part 1 and part 2 to the main article directories. The next step is to add those articles onto your website, they do NOT have to be on the homepage, but there should be a link on your homepage for visitors to access those articles. Doing this will increase your website rankings in ALL the major search engines and even gain you new keyword rankings related to your article content.

2. Once you have your 3 articles and they have been added to your website, you now want to submit your articles to free article directories. There are literally thousands of directories that you can submit your content to. However, submitting each article will take some time so what I suggest is that you create a free account with the top 5 article directories and submit your 3 articles to each of those article directories. To find the best article directories, search Google, type in “top article directories” to find a list of the best places to submit your articles. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to make sure you do NOT submit your articles to directories that use “No Follow” in their resource box since this will NOT be counted by Google and other major search engines as a back link. With most article directories, the “No Follow” will NOT be an issue, but keep this in mind when choosing which article directories you are going to use.

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